Newly minted graduates go in all directions once they walk the commencement stage. For one Husky, her graduation journey went international.

Jeanine Hubert, an anthropology major, completed her undergraduate degree commitment this summer with a four-week study abroad research program in Nicaragua. Through the Maderas Rainforest Conservancy, Hubert spent most of June studying primate behavior and rainforest ecology on the island of Ometep — settled in the middle of the largest freshwater lake in Central America.

Specifically, Hubert observed two groups of monkeys native to the island collecting 25 hours worth of data in the rainforest. Through her research, Hubert found there may be a strong correlation between the primates’ eating behavior and the evolution of their tails.

In addition to her field success and degree completion, Hubert admitted she also discovered from her time abroad something just as long lasting — if not more memorable — within herself.

There was a moment I looked around and realized that I don’t know what force brought me to this place, but there’s a piece of my heart that will always be tucked away on the island of Ometepe,” Hubert said. “So cliche right?”

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