Bloomsburg University students shine at the PASSHE Undergraduate Anthropology Research Conference. Anthropology and psychology students recently presented on a wide range of applied and theoretical original research topics at the 28th Anthropology Research Conference at IUP.

Anthropology major Shannon Sursely was awarded the best conference presentation prize and Meghan Boarts was honorably mentioned, by selection of the host faculty members. The annual conference will be held at Bloomsburg University next year. The College of Liberal Arts, Anthropology Club, and Department of Anthropology supported student travel to the conference.

  • An Ethnographic Approach to the Availability and Accessibility of Autism Support Services and Networks - Shannon Sursely
  • Lost in Translation”: The Spanish-English Gap in Language Acquisition - Katrina Taylor
  • Anthropologists and Missionaries: A Controversial Relationship - Meghan Boarts
  • Changes in Nutritional Eating Habits in a University Population - Jannelle Derr
  • Understanding the Effects of Divorce and Religion on College Students Life Expectations - Allison M. Ingenito and Sarah Arnold
  • After You . . . The Conscious and Unconscious Expression of Gender Roles in Door-Holding Behaviors - Jeanine L. Hubert
  • Gay and Lesbian Rights in Africa: African Perspectives at U.S. Universities - Bryan Molk
  • Talking bout My Generation: An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Baby Boomers and Generation Y - Gabrielle A. Vielhauer
  • Back to the Stacks: New Methods and Questions in the Longitudinal Andruss Library Ethnography Project - Rebecca Coco, Ian Johnson, Rachel Harris, Amber Weaver, Cassandra McMillen, Morgan Kelly

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