Bloomsburg University’s APICS and PBL Chapters proudly hosted Ronn Cort, president of KYDEX LLC, for a presentation on “The Future of American Manufacturing.” Members of the professional NEPA APICS chapter and employees from Autoneum and KYDEX also attended the event, which included a welcoming reception prior to the presentation.

Approximately 165 students attended the lecture, which focused on the potential for an American manufacturing resurgence. Multiple factors for this resurgence were explored, including access to cheaper energy to run factories, cheaper local raw materials such as oil and gas-based feedstocks, increased cost of transportation, and narrowed wage differentials.

Cort emphasized that the primary constraining factor in the next decade will be finding highly skilled employees at all levels of manufacturing organizations. This poignantly highlighted the good work we are doing developing passion, knowledge, and skills in the supply chain field.

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