A group of art history majors and minors will present their research during the 17th Annual Student Symposium in Art History, covering topics of politics and motherhood in Dorothea Lange’s work, Georgia O’Keeffe’s landscape, Womanhouse, portrayal of Catalonian culture in Joan Miró’s work, and comics as art.

Student Presenters:

  • Valerie V. Haas, “How Politics and Motherhood Influenced Dorothea Lange’s Art Work”
  • Michael D. Zielinskie, “Georgia O’Keeffe: Painting an Ancient Landscape”
  • Jacqueline Whitman, “Womanhouse: Opening the Closed Doors”
  • Alyssa Kopf, “Who Can Behead Whom?”
  • Alicia M. Pucci, “The Influence & Portrayal of Catalonian & Parisian Culture in Joan Miró’s work”
  • Timothy Wright, “The Will of Victory”
  • Angela Bainbridge, “Suprematism and views of Kazimir Malevich”
  • Jesse L. Hockman, “Bridging the Gap: Comics as Art”

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